Welcome to American

Krav Maga


Classes are starting October 3rd

 In association with The Alaska Center For The Martial Arts, we will be offering KRAV MAGA classes. Learn more about American Krav Maga at http://gabecohendefense.com/ (Click on the American Krav Maga link below).

Classes will be Tuesday and Thursday at 8PM.


Come and try a week for FREE! On Tuesday September 26th at 8PM and Thursday September 28th at 8PM you can do class for free, to try it out.

 Contact perpetualfit@gmail.com 

 or call the Alaska Center for the Martial Arts:

 Phone Number: 907-376-9966

for more information.


To Sign up for the Free Classes: Click on the Free Class Link under the American Krav Maga Alaska page.