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Don't like the gym scene, or not sure how to use all that fancy equipment. Come join my small group workout using just your body weight, medicine balls, dumbbells and resistance bands. You will also be doing some striking on pads and kicking on bags. High energy and fun too (Yes, workouts can be fun)!

Are you ready for the Challenge?

Need a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals, come workout with me or I can travel to you. Come experience a fun, exciting workout. Bring a towel because you will need it. If you prefer to do it in the comfort of your own home, I can bring all the equipment you would need for a great calorie burning workout.

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Phone Number: 907-671-fitt(3488)


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I've been working out with Mark of Perpetual Fitness for the past three weeks! Why did I wait so long to get started?!? Mark does a great job of incorporating a full body workout in a short amount of time. He's great at demonstrating various difficulties of each exercise, always mixes things up, and is accommodating to my knee that I recently had surgically repaired. My arms are already getting more toned and defined in just three weeks. What are you waiting for? Thanks for everything Mark! ~ Leah

†I really appreciate the effort you put in to personalizing an exercise program for me! Thanks again ~ Mary

Personal Fitness Training $60.00
Click Here for Product Details! Need specialized training or donít like the group training scenario? Sign up for some one-on-one training.
Small Group Fitness Training $10.00
Click Here for Product Details! Come join some like minded people who are wanting to improve their fitness and also have fun doing it.