Beyond "Common Sense" Self-Defense

 Thousands of women have benefited from the unique teaching method used by the Women's Self-Defense Institute. Our guiding philosophy is set in the very real differences in the self-defense needs for women vs. men. The nature of the conflict is, on so many levels, hugely different. For us, this means using a woman's strongest weapons against a man's weakest points. The self-defense modules are designed to interlock in developing techniques and skills which have been proven to work for the non-martial artist female against full power attacks from men. We teach awareness, avoidance, space management, and a system of resisting assaults using simple to learn gross-body movements that take advantage of your natural instincts which are easier to remember under stress.


            Awareness – Avoidance – Escape - Self-Defense

   Easy to Learn * Easy to Do * Easy to Remember


 Providing you with the right skills necessary to make the right choices and safely escape during any random act of violence.

This is the time of empowerment in learning self defense and self-awareness skills. This course is designed by women from real life self defense experiences and is designed for the everyday mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter and sister.


***This is not a Martial Art***


Introducing your Alaskan Instructors: 


Mark Passmore is a Defend University/Women's Self-Defense Institute - Certified  “Girls on Guard: Level 1, 2 and Level 3” (Women Against Weapons) Self-Defense Instructor under Master Instructor Steve Kardian. Mark is a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, and has studied Shotokan Karate and Traditional Hapkido. Mark is also a Certified "Personal Readiness Defense" Instructor under Tony Blauer and the Blauer Tactical Systems; Burn With Kearns Master Trainer MMA Strength & Conditioning Specialist under Coach Kevin Kearns; Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist; Certified Functional Aging Specialist and a Retired Army Veteran of 23 years.


Debbie Passmore is also a Defend University/Women's Self-Defense Institute - Certified  “Girls on Guard: Level 1, 2 and Level 3 (Women Against Weapons) Self-Defense Instructor under Master Instructor Steve Kardian. She has no martial arts training but is passionate about teaching this women’s self-defense program.


 *****Instructors are required to recertify every two years to remain current with the curriculum.*****









Hi Mark and Debbie, I just wanted to thank you both personally for doing
the women's self-defense class over the weekend. I enjoyed it and really
learned a lot. It's funny; when we were practicing the techniques with partners
I was kinda nervous and self-conscious. But when it was time to try them out on
"bad guy" Mark, all my jitters were gone! It was awesome!!! And it was so
empowering, such a confidence boost for me! I love that! Thank you guys for all
the time and effort you put into this. I will definitely be recommending the class
to family and friends. I might even take it again just so I can beat up Mark some more!
Haha! Thanks again! Keep up your awesome work!     ~ Rebekah
You have definitely found your "thing" to do. We watched you come alive. Your
enthusiasm is so contagious and inspired the girls to participate. I loved your humor
and the "yeah women" attitude, in your connection with the girls. Your humor and
reactions interspersed with serious facts was so… much more effective. (Hope you're
ok took some big hits even though you were well padded) I love the way you
two show the possible equality and mutual respect between man and woman. So
proud of both of you!        ~ Mary
My daughter and her friend (both 14) were lucky enough to attend your 4 week self
defense class this summer and I observed because the class was full. We all learned
soooo much and I wanted to thank you for teaching such a wonderful and useful class,
we all learned so much!       ~  Heather
 Mark and Debbie held a class for several young women in Palmer, and those women
said it was a fantastic class, they learned a lot, and they think every young woman
should take their Girls on Guard class. Thank you Mark and Debbie!     ~ Jane
Endorsement here!! Attended "Girls on Guard" Class with my 13 year old daughter and
it was an eye opener! ANY of you with daughters, friends of daughters, nieces, Goddaughters,
etc, please have them look into Debbie's class. It is a game changer! Thank you Debbie and Mark!
Perpetual Fitness & Personal Defense Training ~ Karen
Thank you for a wonderful class. We all enjoyed it and learned valuable information. Thanks for
providing a safe an informative place to do this. I hope our girls will never have to use this, and I
feel so much better knowing they have had this training. ~ Erin



Recertification and Certification Class held at Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada - Wednesday, April 6th,Thursday, 7th and Friday, 8th, 2016


The Reduce the Odds Program


This Women's Self-Defense Course focuses on prevention and risk reduction. Through the process of lecture, video and discussion students will learn about victimology, the victim selection process, the predator mindset, the secondary crime scene, date rape drugs, tactics, strategies, risk reduction, alcohol and the role it plays in sexual assault and more.


The techniques presented here in this course are simple to perform and easy to remember under times of stress. They were designed to address the common sexual assault scenarios you are likely to face. But just because they are easy to do, it doesn't mean fighting off an attacker will be easy. In fact, it will probably be the hardest thing you've ever done. But it is absolutely necessary because in today's environment, you are probably literally fighting for your life!
The course was developed over a period of seven years with hundreds of women in a sort of living laboratory that dealt with the most common sexual assault scenarios researched from real life attacks. The techniques were refined using full contact responses to full power attacks from male role players.
"Girls on Guard" is a method. It was intended to be concept-based and use gross body movements that were easy to learn, easy to retain and applicable to a wide variety of scenarios. The methods are taught IN REVERSE of how we are typically taught. Normally, programs are taught to avoid or evade the first contact; Then what to do if he grabs your wrist; Then what to do when he grabs your shoulders, etc.
Girls on Guard (GOG-1) - This module is centered on the 'Stay with People' principle and covers escaping and defending against the most common sexual assault scenarios, meaning the student will actually learn how to escape from the very same positions in which rapists carry out their attacks. This module is especially effective for attacks in parking lots, parking garages and other areas where it is imperative that you not be taken to a secondary location where you can be victimized. The innovative method developed here is to start students in the worst position possible - the attacker has you pinned on the ground and is in between your thighs. (Once this concept is mastered. All of the other attacks seem easy by comparison.). Students learn to effectively defend against this position as well as chokes, hits and grabs. They learn to escape the dreaded and deadly 'blitz' attack from behind as well as how to defend their space in everyday encounters and how to recognize when a predator is conducting an 'interview'.
Guarding our Girls (GOG-2) -This module centers on the 'Go to People' principle and is probably the module most often taught initially in high schools and universities by instructors. The module covers date rape scenarios and provides the tactics and techniques students need to defend against an attack in a secluded area and escape to a populated area. It is designed to defend against attacks that can be perpetrated by acquaintances and, considering that a majority of all attacks are committed by someone who knows you, this module could be one of the most practical.

Defense Against Weapons (DAW) - This module is focused on the inclusion of weapons. Based upon the two previous days we now introduce a variety of weapons to many of positions to stop the bludgeoning, stabbing, strangling and or shooting.

Weapons for Women - Learn to use common weapons and found objects against an attacker.

If we can save even one girl or woman from a sexual assault, all of our efforts will have been worth it!


Our private and small group classes ares 3-4 hours and are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday.

 Classes held at the Alaska Center for the Martial Arts in Wasilla will be done over a weekend - Saturday and Sunday for 4 hours each day.


"It is not the danger that makes us is the fear of danger." -BTS maxim 


Can't make it to our classes in Wasilla? We can travel to you! Must have a minimum of 10 women. Please contact us for more information.

To schedule a Private Session or a Small Group Session, please use the contact page to schedule a class or call (907)671-fitt (3488)